Park Soo-hong, the two people who protected have been revealed…Wife Kim Daye + Manager from Seoul National University Law School

Park Soo-hong

Broadcaster Park Soohong confessed about the process of marrying his wife and making a leap back as a celebrity at a time when it was so difficult that he even thought of an extreme choice.

Park Soo-hong appeared with his wife Kim Da-ye in TV Chosun’s “Joseon Lovers,” which aired on the 25th. The two grew up in love despite the age difference of 23 years, and later became a couple by growing a strong love despite disputes with their families, drugs, and various rumors such as sponsors.

When Park Soohong realized his brother’s embezzlement and tried to give up everything, it was two people who protected him.

Director Roh Hyun-sung said he started a celebrity manager for the first time in his life, putting aside his livelihood after hearing the sad story of his wife Kim Da-ye and Park Soo-hong, who were witch-hunted under the rumor of “drug guy.”

Manager Roh Hyunsung is a graduate of Seoul National University Law School, where only the best talents in Korea gather, and is known to have been willing to follow Park Soo-hong on the set day and night and drive Park Soohong’s car.

Director Noh Hyunsung reportedly actively persuaded Park Soohong to appear in “Joseon’s Lover,” calling Park Soo-hong and Kim Da-ye “a lotus-like love blooming in the mud.”

As he was the person who watched Park Soo-hong and his wife’s most difficult times closely, Director Noh Hyun-sung showed several times that he could not hold back tears even in “Joseon’s Lover,” which made viewers feel sorry.

Park Soo-hong shared his full-fledged love story with manager Roh Hyun-sung and Kim Da-ye over dinner. The two first met at a charity event, but Kim Da-ye did not show much interest in Park Soo-hong, and Park Soohong claimed to be a driver for more than a year and won his wife’s heart.

Park Soohong said, “The favorite thing the manager said when he saw us is ‘love like a lotus blooming in the mud.’ There are only two left. The whole family opposed it, and I couldn’t get married,” he said. “My father-in-law said, ‘You’re like a big thief. I’m really against this marriage, but why did you live such a nice life? “I’m a stranger, but I’ll be on your side, so cheer up,” he said, shedding tears.

Park Soo-hong, the two people who protected have been…

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