Paul Pogba 400 million won a week in my bank account.Manchester United star, you’re gonna hang in there and leave for free?

Paul Pogba

Will Paul Pogba, 28, leave Manchester United for 0 won? Rumors have been circulated that the contract will be renewed, but it will be watched until next year when it is released as a free agent.

Pogba was “golden” from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016 under Jose Mourinho. He left for Juventus when he was in the second division and became a world class midfielder, and returned to Old Trafford for a record  15 million.

Expectations were high, as Juventus showed a threatening mid-range shot and an amazing attack development. But Arturo Vidal, Andrea Pirlo, shone in the union, did not match Manchester United. He repeated only ambiguous performance in attacking or defensive midfielders.

After Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s appointment and Bruno Fernandez’s joining, he found stability, but still did not sparkle as much as he did in Juventus. This is why rumors of Juventus’ return and Real Madrid’s transfer spread every summer.

With the option of a one-year extension, Manchester United will remain until 2022, but a renewal is still pending. Manchester United senior and Solskjaer are lukewarm about wanting to renew Pogba. “Pogba’s life at Old Trafford is over,” said deputy Mino Riola.

Manchester United are paying Pogba 290,000 pounds a week, but are on the verge of paying for free. According to the British media “Express,” Pogba plans to decide everything after watching the situation until the contract expires next year.

Manchester United’s position is ‘against it’. I don’t want to hand over the player who brought the highest amount of money in 2016 to 0 won. “Manchester United have signed Pogba for an astronomical transfer fee, so I don’t want to release him on a free contract. “We will continue to talk about renewing the contract,” he said.

Unfortunately, time is on the side of Pogba. If he continues to be lukewarm about renewing the contract, he can negotiate with other teams in advance according to Bosman rules from January next year.

Paul Pogba 400 million won a week in my bank account.

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