Please limit your at-bats Ohtani Trout’s double-shot complaints


]”You definitely want to limit plate appearances this guys get.””

Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Gripol made the remarks after a home game against the Los Angeles Angels on the 1st (Korea Standard Time). The Angels won 12-5, thanks to the performances of Shohei Ohtani, who hit two home runs, and Mike Trout, who hit the first game.

He complained that it was difficult and scary to deal with Ohtani and Trout, who are considered the best duo since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in Major League history.

The game was the Angels’ pace from the start. Trout and Otani pushed White Sox starter Lance Lynn by passing the ball over the fence as if they were competing.

In the top of the first inning, Trout hit a cutter in the middle of the 81.8-mile center of Seorin with no outs and runners on first base and went over the left-center fence. The distance was 461 feet (141 meters).

Then Otani hit a 93.8-mile fastball from the first pitch of the third inning with one out and a runner on first base to easily cross the middle fence. He then drew a large arch that fell to the middle of the stands beyond the right-center fence by pulling Lynn’s 93.4-mile fastball from the full count with the runner on second base in the third at-bat in the fourth inning with a 6-1 lead.

It had a launch angle of 30 degrees, a batting speed of 111.8 miles, and a distance of 459 feet (140 meters). According to Statcast, the driving distance is tied for fifth place in Otani’s individual history.

It is the 13th time that Otani has played a multi-homer game in his career, and it is the first time in about nine months since the Detroit Tigers match on September 6 last year. Last year, there were six multi-homer games. He hit 12 home runs against the White Sox. This is the highest record among teams outside the AL West, where the Angels belong

Otani and Trout hit home runs together for the fifth time in the season and 27th time in their career. In that game, the Angels won all five games this season and marked 19 wins and 8 losses (0.704).

After the game, Otani said through interpreter Mizuhara Ipei, “I’m in great condition right now. I’m focusing on the ball that I can hit hard. The walk I got at the end was also very good, he said. “The most important thing for me is the preparation posture for hitting.” It’s important how well you see the ball in that position. “I think the results are good because it’s good,” he said, expressing his satisfaction.

Earlier, Otani showed a slump of one hit in 16 at-bats in four games since the game against the Miami Marlins on the 27th of last month. However, after hitting a solo home run against the White Sox on the 31st, he confirmed his sense and announced that he was on track with a multi-home run 사설토토 추천

Trout said, “If the two of us hit, we have no choice but to win,” and Angels coach Phil Nevin said, “Do you want Otani to get a downstream break? Ohtani’s swing was good until the day before yesterday. The future is important. “I’ve seen a really good swing in recent days,” he said, acknowledging that Otani has escaped from his slump

Please limit your at-bats Ohtani Trout’s double-shot complaints

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