Please turn off the cigaretteanger at the audience of Lee Kyu-hyung’s performance

Lee Kyu-hyung

Actor Lee Kyu-hyung confessed the Hwang-hyung’s performance from the audience during the performance.Actor Lee Kyu-hyung, which aired on the 11th, actor Lee Kyu-hyung appeared on the 11th, actor Lee Kyu-hyung.

In the broadcast, Kim Jong-guk, Kim Jong-guk, “If you do music, you have a lot of stones?Do you want to talk about a mistake or talk?I asked you to ask you.Accordingly, Lee Kyu-hyung appeared in the drama with Park Ho-san senior, saying, “I’ve never appeared in the drama.”

Then, “There was a smoking scene during the drama.It was a passive theater performance, but I wanted to work out of 15 people in front of the stage, but I wanted to work out.What happened now, I wanted to be a real situation, and surprised.

Furthermore, “I have to smoke, but the audience said, “I’m going to turn off the cigarettes.”I was so angry at the moment.It was not polite to other audiences.At that time, there was a desire for my metabolism, but the line came out itself.I didn’t remember what mental, I did not remember that he was so angry.”

Jung-don’t you heard it, “Are you looking at all of them?” “I know, and Lee Kyu-hyung.However, I wanted to be like a girlfriend, and I wanted to be experienced, and I wanted to experience it again.It was a second play, but I said that it was a third-person case.”As a result, the rooftop room showed frustrated that “I should not go to the subway station said, “I shouldn’t have to go to the subway

Please turn off the cigaretteanger at the audience

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