[Pop-up★] Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung-hun hurt their faces and solved the catastrophe. “I’m so happy that I’m crying.”

Lee Min-jung

Lee Min-jung solved the story of the home disaster.

Actor Lee Min-jung said on the 30th, “I did it…….I succeeded…. This happy news that makes me cry!!!”

“First of all, use the bent steel stick to secure space for a small frame and sell it…”.(It’s easy to say, but it takes an hour) I hit it with a hammer thinking that my arm should go into the space and break the frame (this is my husband) but it’s a little bent…He added.

He said, “I went in through the gap (the first attempt by my husband) and I had a wound on my arm, but I’m so happy.”I’m crying,” he explained.

Earlier, Lee Min-jung said, “I took it because it was a space where the door could not be opened and only the cell phone could be put in because it was inserted into the space where the door was opened.”The window is locked, so you can’t enter this room…announced that. 안전놀이터

And he said, “I’m getting ideas…For your information, I’ve used hangers and slightly bent iron bars, but…The door won’t open…”Should I cut the door?” he asked for help.

In the midst of this, Lee Min-jung and her husband Lee Byung-hun put their heads together to solve the problem. However, the poster frame of “Terminator Genesis,” starring Lee Byung-hun, was bent, and there was a scratch on Lee Byung-hun’s face, causing regret.

In response, one fan was worried, “What should I do if actor Byung-hun’s face is damaged?” Lee Min-jung tactfully responded, “The wound on my arm is.”

[Pop-up★] Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung-hun hurt their..

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