Red Velvet Joy SBS security guard overuse of power

Red Velvet

SBS staff’s attitude toward the group Red Velvet Joy is causing public outrage.

Recently, Joey’s video on her way to work for SBS’s “Animal Farm” recording spread around the online community, drawing attention.

Joy suffered an unexpected humiliation while actively communicating with fans and heading to a place where she held a photo time in front of reporters. Right away, the SBS staff suddenly shouted, “Back. Where are you pushing?” “Oh, get out of the way.” “I told you to step back.” “Go back.” “Go in quickly.”

Joy’s embarrassing situation at the time was captured in the video spread online. Joy hesitated and looked around helplessly when the employee shouted, and as the employee continued to shout back, she moved back toward the building with the woman who appeared to be the official

A fan who was at the scene left an online post, saying, “It’s a place where you usually have a photo time for ‘Animal Farm’, but you screamed while speaking informally because you didn’t know it was Joy.” The netizen also raised his voice, saying that it was not polite to shout informally to anyone, leaving Joey, and that it hurt his feelings.

Internet users responded by saying, “Even if you didn’t recognize Joy, didn’t you shout informally because you looked easy?” “It’s really rude,” “Why are you talking in such an annoying manner?” and “You can say it nicely.”

In particular, the issue was also covered by JTBC News, which made us feel the seriousness of the issue. According to JTBC, the employee is known to be an SBS security guard and apologized at the request of Joy fans around the world to apologize for SBS. The employee reportedly shouted to ensure safety as the number of fans suddenly increased at the site at the time.

The employee reportedly apologized, but the public’s displeasure, including Joy’s fans, does not seem to disappear easily. He may have apologized personally, but SBS needs not only an apology for Joy, but also a promise to prevent the recurrence of “guard power abuse” to anyone in the future.

Comments on the news video continue to contain unpleasant emotions such as “SBS security guard’s power abuse is serious,” “SBS apologize properly,” “You shouldn’t talk like that even if the SBS president comes,” “You don’t think how unpleasant the other person will be,” and “You shouldn’t speak informally to celebrities and fans.”

Above all, Joy stopped her activities for health reasons in April and returned to the “Animal Farm” MC position in about two months. As Joy spreads positive energy to many people with her unique bright and healthy charm, fans hope that there will be no scars or pain from unexpected humiliation

Red Velvet Joy SBS security guard overuse of power

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