Red Velvet Yeri, starring Gold Spoon in ‘Cheongdam International High School’…Come back as an acting idol

Red Velvet Yeri

The group Yeri will take a new leap forward as an actress with the new web drama “Cheongdam International High School.”

As a result of reporting on the 21st, Yeri confirmed her appearance in Wynot Media’s new OTT drama “Cheongdam International High School.”

In this work, Yeri will play the role of Baekjena, the third generation of a chaebol and the golden spoon of Cheongdam International High School, and will show a strong performance. It is expected to add fun to the tension-filled psychological warfare by checking Kim Hye-in (Lee Eun-sam), a witness to the murder case and a transfer student with a dirt spoon.

Since 2015, Yeri has been loved by global fans for her lovely and refreshing charm through Red Velvet activities. In addition, he showed his potential as an actress by imprinting his presence in the first leading film “Blue Bus Day” starring his real name Kim Ye-rim.

Cheongdam International High School is expected to show a wide acting spectrum by challenging a more mature and intense image transformation from a lovely and innocent-faced Yeri.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, which includes Yeri, is set to make a comeback with its new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” on the 28th of this month.

Red Velvet Yeri, starring Gold Spoon in ‘Cheongdam…

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