Red Velvet’s Joy. “You were surprised, right? I’m sorry, I love you.”

Red Velvet’s Joy made her position through the fan community after accepting the rumor of a romantic relationship with Crush.

“I’m so sorry for the fans who must have been surprised by the sudden news,” Joy told Lysn on the afternoon of the 23rd.

“It’s been a while since we performed together, so the members and fans are all excited and excited, but I think I shouldn’t have worried.”

Joy continued, “It’s a step to check each other’s minds and get to know each other little by little, so I’m cautious and embarrassed that the article came out so quickly, but I think Luvies (Red Velvet Fan Club) would have been more surprised.”

Joy said, “I hope ReVeluvs who care about me and love me will understand.” “I will try harder so that I don’t worry more.”

Joy’s response was heartwarming, including “You don’t have to be sorry,” “Our hearts remain the same,” and “We always support you.”

Meanwhile, on the morning of the 23rd, a media outlet said Joy and Crush remained close when they were working on “Wake Up and Sleep” music.” Recently, he reported that he developed a relationship with a good feelings.

After the report, the two agencies acknowledged their romantic relationship shortly afterwards.

Joey debuted as Red Velvet in 2014 and became the main character of many hit songs such as “Red Flavor” and “Peek-A-Boo.”

Crush made his debut as a masterpiece with Cheetah in 2012.

He then re-started as a soloist with “Red Dress,” featuring Take One.

He once had an emotional voice with songs such as “Hug Me.” He is currently serving in the military as a social worker.

Red Velvet’s Joy. “You were surprised, right? I’m sorry, I love you.”

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