Rena Momozono 桃園怜奈

Rena Momozono

Another name: #Yumezono Purun (夢園ぷるるん)
Date of birth: 1994-11-30 (28 years old)
Height: 155 cm.
Body size: B97 / W56 / H91
Cup size: I cup.
Debut: January 2016 debut.

A graduate of economics at a prestigious private university in Osaka.

Rena Momozono made his AV debut in 2016, but disappeared after being caught attending

the Department of Economics at Kansai University on the web.

Since then, she has played deriheru in Umeda, Osaka.

When he was working in customs, his stage name was Yumezono Purun.

AV resurrected at Peach in September 2020.

The AV actress who is currently in the spotlight.

I cup giant and cute face.

The chest movement video posted on YouTube recorded 2 million views in a month.

Some say that their hearts have been sagging.

Twitter @momozono_rena Private Instagram account @peco_38

Rena Momozono I cup giant and cute face.

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