Riku Minato 湊莉久 The 2015 DMM Adult Award for Best Actress.

Riku Minato

Another name: #MinamotoRiko(源莉子)
Date of birth: 1993-08-01 (29)
Height: 160 cm
Body Size: B82 / W58 / H83
Cup size: E cup
Debut: April 13

The 2015 DMM Adult Award for Best Actress.

AV actress who debuted through Candy agency in 2013. He has a pretty cute appearance and a good pelvic line, and he has a good body, acting ability and color, so he is an actor who pushes a lot from the industry. Therefore, the range of acting is also wide. Of course, the basic quality is guaranteed even in the genre of roughness. Along with the title of entry-level Ogura Yuz, he also ranked 10th in the DMM rankings in August 2014.

I was working part-time at Mahjong House right after I graduated from high school, and I was thinking about what to do after quitting Mahjong House and became an AV actor. It is said that it is because they think it is fun because it is a world that is rarely seen in ordinary people’s For your information, due to irregular lifestyle during the part-time job at the Mahjong House [4], I was looking for other things because I was in a very bad condition and IV industry.

Like Otoha Nanase, she often appears as Kimik, a female student, and especially with Otoha Nanase. Another thing in common with Nanase Otoha is that there is a high probability that she will look like the main character in an instant if she is in charge of a group project. There are also many collaborative works with Miku Aveno, who have similar names.

There are idol groups formed by AV actresses at MARKS, a former agency that works as AV actors, and they were also members of one of them, Kuhn. Currently, Koong is disbanded by moving his agency and joining Ebis Mascats. 안전놀이터

In 2015, he starred as a voice actor and character in the Hong Kong version of 0 like Sega’s Game Dragon, along with several AV actresses.

Riku Minato 湊莉久 The 2015 DMM Adult Award for Best Actress.

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