Rina Rukawa

Rina Rukawa

Date of Birth: 1991-02-23
Height: 155 cm
Body size: B81 / W59 / H85
Cup size: ? Cup
Debut: Debut in May, 2010

S1’s sister-like beauty who received a strong push

Rina Rukawa used to be a gravure idol.

As soon as she joined the Ebisu mascots, she made her AV debut.

It gained popularity for its fierce push and aggressive marketing from the beginning of its debut, opening a new label called “Trurira” in S1.

Although it seems to be a Lori face, it is sometimes rejected by Antis that it looks like a gorilla.

Her acting skills are quite good and she has a strong body.

She moved to SOD and retired in 2015 after lifting the vaginal conditions.

In 2014, Mu Sujeong was leaked and visited Korea through Playboy TV Korea. 코인파워볼

Since her retirement, she has been a model for filming sessions and other events, and in 2016, she has collaborated with Sakuragi Yukine, a close junior, on BJ Chul-gu’s broadcast

Rina Rukawa S1’s sister-like beauty who received a strong push

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