Another name: #YuzukiTina
Date of birth: 1986-10-29 (36 years old)
Height: 154 cm
Body Size: B84 / W58 / H83
Cup size: C cup
Debut: November 05

A woman with both face, body and talent.

He even has a good sense of entertainment.

Portuguese and Japanese harp mixed.

He made his debut in 2005 under the stage name “Yuzuki Tina” and changed his name to Rio.

A person who led the heyday of idea pocket in the 2010s with Kish Aino.

She gained popularity for her exotic beauty, slender body type, and good acting skills.

Although his chest is small, his appearance is considered to be unprecedented.

When he was the first generation of Ebisu Mascats, he is well-known for his sense of humor.

Especially Leo, the Michael Jackson character.

So what Aoi Sora and Asami Yuma always say is, “Rio is jealous because he has everything.”

Since his retirement in 2016, he has worked for the Red Dragon as a caba, and has been appearing on TV and events from time to time.

Delete the current work.

Rio A woman with both face, body and talent.

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