Ronaldo has warned Haaland already British Express

Elling Haaland, the next-generation world’s best striker, has entered the Premier League in a row.

The ransom is also known to be the best treatment in the Premier League, beyond Cristiano Ronaldo.

England’s ‘Express’ reported that ‘Ronaldo has already sent a warning’ to Haaland, who came to the Premier League.

The Express said: ‘A lot of people say 21-year-old Haaland will be the premier league hit.

But Ronaldo has already warned Haaland what it takes to be the best on the planet,’ he explained.

Haaland, along with Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe, is considered a star player who will dominate the soccer world for the next 10 years.

Ronaldo, who has dominated with Lionel Messi for the past 15 years, evaluated the two as follows.토토추천

Ronaldo pointed out that talent alone cannot be an icon of football for Haaland, the Express said.

Ronaldo said, “It’s hard to choose one because this player is the best.
But I’m excited to see a new generation of young players like Haaland and Mbappe,” he said.

“Some players have a great season or two. The really great players play steadily every season after season.
It’s really not easy. It takes a lot of effort and dedication,” he stressed.

Ronaldo is known for his faithful self-care and tremendous training bugs.

This is why he remains at the highest level even at the age of 40 through Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Liverpool launch commentator Jamie Carragher welcomed Haaland’s Premier League challenge.

Carragher said, “It’s a really great transfer. It is for the Premier League as well as Man City.
He and Mbappe feel like next-generation superstars to beat Messi and Ronaldo.
These players are usually possible with Real or FC Barcelona, but now the Premier League seems to be the strongest league,” he said, expecting Haaland to play well.

Ronaldo has warned Haaland already  British Express

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