‘Ryu Junyeol♥’ Hye-ri, beauty is overflowing…a daughter of a rich family


Hyeri told me how she has been doing.

Actress Hye-ri, a former member of the group Girl’s Day, posted several photos of how she was doing on her Instagram in the afternoon.

In the released photo, Hyeri is taking a mirror selfie wearing a jacket and a blouse with a ribbon on her neck as a point. Hyeri’s beauty in a headband is elegant and beautiful. Hyeri’s consistent beauty is admired.

Meanwhile, Hye-ri’s new film, Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Blooms, is a fusion historical drama that brought the late Joseon Dynasty, when strict prohibition was issued, and the story of four “crossing the line” youth growing up making friendships and falling in love.

‘Ryu Junyeol♥’ Hye-ri, beauty is overflowing

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