Samsung Electronics applies ‘digital home key’ based on UWB to Samsung Pay

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics (005930) announced on the 28th that Samsung Pay will support the world’s first ultra-wideband (UWB)-based ‘digital home key’.

Samsung Electronics has installed a digital home key of ‘Zigbang UWB Smart Door Lock’ in Samsung Pay in cooperation with ‘Zigbang’, a comprehensive proptech company.

Accordingly, Samsung Pay users who have installed a direct UWB smart door lock can easily open the door just by accessing the door lock. It has become possible to enter without contact without a separate authentication procedure such as entering a password.

It can also be set up between families so that they can know who enters and exits when they open the door through the Zigbang app. If a user loses his or her smartphone, he or she can stop using the digital home key through ‘Find My Device’ on his or her PC.

Samsung Pay’s direct UWB digital home key can be used in “Galaxy Z Fold 4,” “Galaxy S22 Ultra,” and “Galaxy S22 Plus,” which are equipped with UWB functions. Samsung Electronics is planning to continue to release UWB-equipped smartphones.

UWB technology refers to short-range wireless communication protocols that utilize radio waves such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is characterized by accurate distance measurement up to cm using high frequency bands and supporting directionality.

Earlier, Samsung Electronics established ‘FiRa’ (Fine Ranging Consortium), a UWB technology standard organization, in 2019. This digital home key service also utilizes UWB technology certified by FiRa.

The Samsung Pay digital home key protects users’ sensitive information and encrypted keys through the industry’s best security chipset, and is safe from potential hacking risks such as interference or interception of wireless signals due to precise UWB technology.

Samsung Electronics will continue to strengthen cooperation with its partners and actively listen to users’ feedback to further expand the ease of use of Samsung Pay.

Samsung Electronics applies ‘digital home key’ based

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