Another name: #TakahakiHiromi
Date of birth: 1968-11-19 (54)
Height: 159 cm
Body Size: B92 / W66 / H96
Cup Size: Cup
Debut: June 10

She debuted as an imitation singer of Seiko Matsuda in 1997 and appeared in an adult video from 2010 to 2011.

Although the profile says he was born in 1988, he was actually born in Saitama in 1968.

His real name is Hiromi Takahashi.

Seiko Matsuda, who was originally an aspiring idol, was on an entertainment show in 1997.

He made his debut as an imitation singer after winning the grand prize for his vocal mimicry.

She once performed a duet with Seiko Matsuda.

She made her debut as an AV actor who resembles Seiko Matsuda in Muteki in 2010.

He retired after serving as a woman’s Kikatan for a year.

In 2010, he met comedian KICK☆, who is 11 years younger than him, and started dating him.

She married in 2012, but divorced in 2014 due to domestic violence.

In 2017, Hideo Kobayashi, the actual president of his agency ASCHE, suffered a three-week assault wound.

The reason why he rejected the offer of investment fraud.

As of 2021, Seiko is still performing on stage in Tokyo imitating Seiko Matsuda.

Seiko She debuted as an imitation singer of Seiko Matsuda in 1997

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