Selena Gomez, controversy over ending friendship with her kidney donor

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Francia Reisa are known to have broken up.

On November 7, local media, including the Daily Mail, reported on Selena and her friend Francia Leisa, who donated her kidney.

Selena and Francia Leisa have been friends since 2007 and have been close enough to call each other sisters. In particular, Francia Reyesa drew attention by donating a kidney to Selena in 2017 when she was struggling.

Selenaz, however, did not comment on Francia Lysa, while talking about her health problems in her recently released documentary “My Mind & Me.” In an interview with the Rolling Stones, he also said, “Sailor Swift is the only celebrity friend in the industry.”

Francia Reyesa responded to Selena Gomez’s interview as “interesting.”

Selenaz responded by saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know,” and some are saying that she may have sarcastically criticized Francesa.

Earlier, Francia Reyesa took issue with Selena continuing her unhealthy lifestyle after surgery and drinking, and the relationship between the two began to deteriorate after more than a year of organ donation.

Selena Gomez, controversy over ending friendship…

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