Seohyun, men’s dream come true with white shirts…Overwhelming innocence + sexiness.

Seo-hyun showed off her overwhelming beauty.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Seo-hyun, a member and actor of the group Girls’ Generation, posted several photos through her Instagram.

In the released photo, Seohyun is wearing a white dress shirt. He even slightly lowered one shoulder to show subtle sexiness. Seo-hyun’s appearance between innocence and sexiness draws admiration from viewers.안전놀이터

Seohyun’s sharp nose is also overwhelming. The seductive atmosphere seems to have revived.

Meanwhile, Seo-hyun chose the movie Holy Night: Demon Hunters as her next film. “Holy Night: Demon Hunters” is a story about a team of “Holy Night,” a dark troubleshooter who hunts demons, confronts a group that worships evil.

Seohyun, men’s dream come true with white shirts

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