Seol Hyun X Joy Hyun, shocking sexy dress…You’re slim without any fat

Seol Hyun

Seolhyun revealed a two-shot with Joy-hyun.

Seolhyun, a member of the group AOA and actor, posted a photo on his Instagram story on the afternoon of the 19th with a message, “We look like go stones.”

The photo released this time shows Joy-hyun and Seol-hyun taking a proof shot at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards.

Above all, Joy-hyun wore a pure white dress and Seol-hyun wore a black dress and showed off different charms, drawing attention from viewers.

Meanwhile, Seolhyun appeared in the tvN drama “Murder’s Shopping List” this year. “Murderer’s Shopping List”

is a local face-to-face comic mystery drama that starts with a receipt from MS Mart intern Daesung (Lee Kwang-soo),

police officer Do Ah-hee (Seolhyun), and Daesung’s mother Jung Myung-sook (Jin Hee-kyung) run by her mother when a mysterious body was found near an apartment on the outskirts of Seoul.

Seol Hyun X Joy Hyun, shocking sexy dress…

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