Serena Kozakura 小桜セレナ

Serena Kozakura
Another name: #Camion Serena(カミオンセレナ)
Date of birth: 1969-08-23 (53)
Height: 167 cm
Body Size: B103 / W63 / H95
Cup Size: I Cup
Debut: December 2008

Actress and gravure idol who has been active since 1980.

He appeared in an adult video in 2008.

Born in 1969 in Tokyo. He spent his childhood traveling between the U.S. and Japan.

Around 1980, he made his debut as a child actor named Camion Serena and was an MC on Kansai TV.

After graduating from art college in the United States, he returned to Korea in 1998 under his current name.

She was an actress and gravure idol and also a popular blogger.

The first appearance on the health organization’s home shopping channel became a hot topic due to heavy-duty breasts, and it was nicknamed the Balloon Cup(風船カップ).

In 2006, he broke the front door of his agency Motoko Inagawa’s office(稲川素子事務所) and broke in through a narrow gap.

He was convicted, but overturned by the Supreme Court in 2008.

Proving that it was impossible to break in because the chest was too big.

He complained to an office official that he was a victim of assault.

At the end of the year, he transferred his agency and released a soft AV video on Muteki (item number AIV-002).

It stopped updating its blog in 2009 and disappeared.

Serena Kozakura He appeared in an adult video in 2008.

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