Set the mood in the beginning…Golden Day is the 24th.


At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will be held after a year of ups and downs due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection, the South Korean team has won more than seven gold medals and is aiming for more than 10th overall for the fifth consecutive time. In order to achieve that difficult goal, early momentum is important. 토토사이트

The first “Golden Day” that the Korean team expects is expected to be on the 24th, the day after the opening of the competition. The report card could lead to fraud of the entire team, which is drawing more attention.

The start is the newly established archery mixed team competition.

Korean archery, which boasts the world’s strongest, is aiming at five gold targets at the Tokyo Games, beyond individual and team competitions for men and women, to the newly established mixed-gender group competition.

Korean archery won all four gold medals in individual and team competitions for the first time in history at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. This time, he will try to sweep all five.

The first mixed group competition, introduced for the first time, is an event in which men and women form a team to determine medals. South Korea plans to invite players who performed well in the preliminary round of the men’s and women’s individual competitions on the 23rd to participate in the mixed competition.

The six elite archers, Kim Woo-jin, Oh Jin-hyuk, Kim Je-deok, and Kang Chae-young, Jang Min-hee and Ansan in the women’s team, will not be strange at all no matter who wins the gold medal. How much pressure can be relieved is the key, so it’s important to start again.

Archery is aiming for gold medals in the women’s team competition on the 25th, the men’s team competition on the 26th, the women’s individual competition on the 30th, and the men’s individual competition on the 31st.

Jin Jong-oh, the living legend of Korean shooting, will also challenge a golden shot at the 10-meter air pistol on the 24th.

Having won four gold medals (two silver) in four previous Olympics, he will surpass Kim Soo-nyeong (four gold, one silver, one bronze) in archery and set a new record for the most medals in Korean Olympic history.

With the disappearance of the 50-meter pistol, Jin’s fourth consecutive Olympic victory in the event has been canceled, but Jin Jong-oh is still aiming for his main event, the gold medal in the 10-meter air pistol. Jin Jong-oh’s 10-meter air pistol final time is 3:30 p.m., and there is a good chance that he will win his first gold medal.

Fencing, which has emerged as a representative filial event since the 2012 London Olympics, will also challenge gold-cutting on the 24th. Oh Sang-wook, Koo Bon-gil and Kim Jung-hwan will compete in the men’s individual sabre competition.

It is determined that Oh Sang-wook, who is currently ranked first in the world, Koo Bon-gil, the gold medalist in the team competition at the London Olympics, and Kim Jung-hwan, the bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio Games, will all earn medals with earnestly.

Taekwondo, the national flag, was first adopted as an official event in Sydney in 2000, is a strong medal garden. South Korea has won 12 gold medals in taekwondo alone.

In this tournament, the national team will also have six men and women, three men and women, each of whom are aiming to win the first place in all events.

On the 24th, Jang Jun in the men’s 58kg class and Shim Jae-young in the women’s 49kg class will aim for a golden kick. Signboard Lee Dae-hoon, who won silver medals at the 2012 London Olympics and bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Games, will challenge for his first gold medal in 68kg competition on the 25th.

If the Taegeuk Warriors cheer up in the beginning and win as many medals as possible on the 24th, “Golden Day,” they will be able to achieve their goal of ranking 10th overall with more than seven gold medals set by the Korean National Team.

Set the mood in the beginning…Golden Day is the 24th.

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