SEVENTEEN comeback, “_WORLD= The beginning of a new journey to the top”


With SEVENTEEN making a comeback, they released one question and one answer related to Shinbo.

At 6 p.m. on the 18th, SEVENTEEN will release the music video of all the songs and title songs of its fourth full-length repackage album “SECTOR 17” (SECTOR 17) through various online music sites.

“SECTOR 17” included nine songs from its previous fourth full-length album “Face the Sun” and four more tracks that SEVENTEEN, including “_WORLD,” “Round and Round,” “Fallin’ Flower” (Korean Ver.) and “CHEERS” (Cheers), accompanied by SEVENTEEN’s journey to the new world.

The title song ‘_WORLD’ is a song of punk and Urban R&B genres that features a combination of funky rhythm and sweet melody. It expressed the new world as “_WORLD” in the sense of “TEAM SVT,” meaning that everyone with Seventeen leaves all possibilities open to interpret the world they want from various perspectives.

Seventeen, who has been reborn as the “most ‘hot’ artist in the world’s K-pop scene,” delivered a question and answer through his agency Pledis Entertainment.

▶ Hereinafter, Q&A with SEVENTEEN.

Q. It’s been about 2 months since our 4th full-length album was released. I think you’ll feel different as it’s “SECTOR 17,” which contains SEVENTEEN’s new world, which we found after a hot journey to become like the sun.

A. S.Coups: Thank you so much for loving our 4th full-length album, so I wanted to fill it with better songs while preparing for the repackage album. Like the meaning of the album, we’re ready to run toward the top of the new album, so please look forward to it, pay attention, and love.

A. It’s nice to meet you so soon, and I’m very happy to sing a song like a gift to CARATs. It’s a short time, but we prepared a lot for the album, so please look forward to it.

A. I’m happy to meet CARATs again soon. The songs that I personally love are included in the repackage album, so please listen to them a lot.

A. Dokyeom: It feels like we’re starting anew with “SECTOR 17”, so it’s a new and good feeling. It’s an album that we worked hard on and filled with music that CARAT will like, so I’d appreciate it if you’d love it.

A. It’s the first time SEVENTEEN released a repackage album since their first full album “Love & Letter” 6 years ago, so I’m looking forward to it.

A. It’s a short time, but we’ve come back with songs that we worked hard on. Please show a lot of interest this time as well.

Q. What kind of album is “SECTOR 17”? Please introduce your charms of “SECTOR 17”.

A. S.Coups: In our 4th regular album, if you showed a hot and passionate side of SEVENTEEN, “SECTOR 17” is an album that shows a new side of us that we haven’t shown before. I think SEVENTEEN’s album itself is a charm.

A. Jeonghan: From the title song ‘_WORLD’ that makes you feel better the more you listen to it, to ‘Round and Round’ that warms your heart, I think it’s an album full of various charms.

A. Wonwoo: Each song in “SECTOR 17” has a different charm, so it’s an album full of fun to listen to.

A. WOOZI: I think it would be good to look at SEVENTEEN’s moves to become the sun and welcome this album. I think you’ll be able to feel SEVENTEEN’s charms more than once.

A. THE8: It’s filled with love for CARATs. I think that’s the charm of this album.

A. Dokyeom: It’s like an album that opens up a new world. There are many stories that we’ve talked about so far, but I think it’s an album that contains SEVENTEEN’s new story.

A. ‘SECTOR 17′ contains music that only SEVENTEEN can show. It’s an album full of four new songs, including Leaders and SEVENTEEN’s refreshing song, “_WORLD,” SEVENTEEN’s ballad, “Round and Round,” and the Korean version of “Fallin’ Flower,” which CARATs wanted to hear so much.

Q. What did you pay special attention to while preparing for “SECTOR 17”?

A. Joshua: We put our ambitions and dreams into the album, and we tried to fill it with our desire to grow together with CARATs.

A. JH: I wanted to show a new side of me to CARAT, so I thought about what color to dye my hair this time.

A. I paid attention to the story of the album story. Since the 4th regular album production stage, we have already been planning for “SECTOR 17”, and we wanted to show you both passionate and charming SEVENTEEN according to the connected story.

A. Mingyu: I paid attention to everything, but I think I paid the most attention to storytelling. Our 4th full-length album “Face the Sun”, world tour “BET THE SUN”, and SEVENTEEN’s “SECTOR 17” will continue.

Q. What was the most memorable episode while preparing for “SECTOR 17”?

A. S.Coups: On the day of the music video shoot, it rained a lot with thunder and lightning, so I was worried that I might not be able to do it before the shoot started, but strangely, it stopped raining in time. Whenever it rains, I think of CARATs first. I think I’m with CARATs on the day of the music video shoot.

A. There was a scene where we used firecrackers during the music video shoot for “_WORLD”. I remember being surprised because the firecrackers were louder than I thought.

A. I remember filming the music video for ‘_WORLD’ at the same time as preparing for the concert, but I felt grateful that the members prepared everything well, and the results were satisfactory and there were people with me.

A. I remember the leaders who came out after a long time. I worked hard to show our leaders who improved in “CHANGE UP”. I’m personally very satisfied with the song

A. MINGYU: We prepared a music video during the concert, and I remember watching the comeback teaser video after the concert. I got goosebumps from CARAT’s loud cheers.

A. When we filmed the music video, there was a scene where we had a lot of fun together. I remember everyone was really happy while watching the monitor. I remember the moment when I felt confident that CARAT and many people would be able to get into this song.

Q. What do you want to focus on in the title song, “_WORLD”? When do you want to recommend “_WORLD” the most?

A. When SEVENTEEN goes on a world tour, please think about us and listen to “_WORLD”.

A. JH: The chorus part is very easy and addictive, so I hope CARAT will follow along.

A. I think it would be good for office workers to look out the window and listen to it on their way to and from work.

A. THE8: I think it’s always a good song to listen to. I recommend this song when I want to feel good.

A. Dino: I think ‘_WORLD’ is a song that reminds you of a good day. I hope you think of good moments while listening to it, and I want to recommend it when you go on a trip or when you are with someone you love.

Q. Describe the repackage album “SECTOR 17” in one word

A. S.Coups: The Beginning of SEVENTEEN’s New Top

A. Hoshi: Our own path

A. Wonwoo: A New Attempt

A. Woozi: Elegance

A. Seungkwan: General gift

Q. Lastly, please say something to CARATs around the world.

A. S.Coups: I’m always thankful that you love us regardless of what we’re doing. SEVENTEEN will always cheer up for CARAT’s support and work hard happily. I hope you’re happier than we are. We have a lot of days to be together, so let’s just look at each other and trust each other. Thank you always.

A. CARATs, let’s have a cool summer listening to our songs.

A. Joshua: Thank you for all your love so far. SEVENTEEN is a group with a lot of ambition and a lot of desire to grow, so let’s all work together to reach the top.

A. JH: Through ‘_WORLD’, you can feel SEVENTEEN’s unique freshness, so please look forward to it.

A. Hoshi: Thank you always for your great love, both far and near. I’ll repay you with my performance. I wish you all good health and happiness.

A. Wonwoo: I’m always grateful. We will support each other’s lives with music that we can enjoy together.

A. Please love “SECTOR 17” a lot and you are elegant!

A. THE8: Through this album, I hope all CARATs around the world can feel our love. Wherever you are, we will come to you, so please wait for us. I love you.

A. See you soon, CARATs.

A. DK: Thanks to CARATs, we can always work hard and gain strength during promotions. Thank you so much for your love and support. Starting with the North American tour, I want to meet CARATs all over the world and make precious memories together. Always be healthy, eat well, and I wish you all the best.

SEVENTEEN “_WORLD= The beginning of a new journey to the top”

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