SEVENTEEN re-signs early for all 13 members


Group SEVENTEEN confessed about the behind-the-scenes of the renewal.

In the original Watcha entertainment program “Guardian Who Takes Wisdom,” which was released on the 24th, the group Seventeen appeared as a group of 13 people and talked.

On the same day, SEVENTEEN members all picked member Mingyu when asked by the MCs, “Who is the top contributor to the renewal of all SEVENTEEN contracts?”

In response, Mingyu said, “I think I tried to start the story quickly and do a lot,” adding, “Re-signing actually feels big and heavy, but to me, it just felt like ‘I’m doing what I originally did.'”

He then recalled, “It was not difficult to bring up the story (to the members) first because I was so strong in my head that I thought we would do it all together.”

Seung-kwan also said, “From the time we go into the renewal meeting with the company, we usually go in one member at a time, but we say, ‘Let’s not make a fuss about it individually, let’s go in as a group at once. Even if we say it, let’s all talk together.’

In particular, when asked, “What was the specific problem at the time of the renewal?” member Woozi said, “It was not easy to face the reality. You have to talk about money and the future with friends who always laugh. We all have the same feelings of liking each other, but it was hard because the moment came when we had to talk about deep things even if we didn’t want to,” he confessed.

Seung-kwan also said, “I had to re-set the contract period for how many years and the profit ratio,” adding, “In a way, I had to make a deal with the company, but I thought about it then. I thought we weren’t just babies.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN signed an early contract in its sixth year of debut in July last year, drawing attention. 토토추천

They are set to release their fourth full-length album “Face the Sun” on the 27th.

SEVENTEEN re-signs early for all 13 members

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