SEVENTEEN (SVT) The8 missed the Jakarta World Tour due to flu symptoms


SEVENT-EEN THE 8 will be absent from the “SEVEN-TEEN BE THE SUN WORLD TOUR IN JAKARTA” concert.

On the 27th, Pledis Entertainment announced through the fan community Weverse that “SEVENTEEN THE 8 SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BET THE SUN] will not attend the Jakarta performance.”

The agency said, “The8 visited the hospital for flu symptoms and received treatment, and is currently stabilizing and resting according to the opinions of the medical staff.”

“The artist’s will to participate in the scheduled schedule is very strong, but we decided that it will be inevitable to participate in the Jakarta performance on the 28th (Wed) of Indonesian local time, considering the medical staff’s opinion and the artist’s health as a top priority,” he said.

The agency said, “We ask for the understanding of many fans who waited for the performance,” adding, “We will do our best to treat and recover the artist so that The8 can meet the fans in good health as soon as possible.”

SEVENTEEN was selected as the “2022 Album of the Year” by MTV, a famous U.S. music broadcast, on the 6th with its fourth full-length album “Face the sun.”

The fourth full-length album “Face the Sun” sold 2 million copies just by pre-ordering and made it to the top 10 of the “Billboard 200” chart.

SEVENTEEN will perform the world tour “BET THE SUN” in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 27th.

SEVENTEEN (SVT) The8 missed the Jakarta World Tour due to..

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