Shiho Egami

Shiho Egami

Date of birth: 1993-02-20
Height: 158cm.
Body size: B86 / W66 / H86
Cup size: G cup.
Debut: Debut in July 2015.

A former Japanese AV actress.

Shiho Egami made her debut at Prestige in June 2015.

As an actor of Kikatan, she appeared in numerous works regardless of individual or group.

It gained a lot of popularity for its clean skin.파워볼사이트

At the beginning of her debut, she was moderately physical, but in the middle and second half, many say she gained weight and felt sorry for his figure.

Many say that the reaction is particularly good and the acting stands out in works featuring many actors as a kikatan actor.

There is an article saying that she has been going to Derry Heru since her retirement, but it has not been confirmed, and she has posted a photo on Instagram under the name of Wada Saki(和田 紗季), telling the recent situation.

From the uploaded picture, it can be seen that she lost a lot of weight compared to she past activities.

Shiho Egami 江上しほ A former Japanese AV actress.

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