Shin Eun-soo will become Super Kid Haley Participate in the 2nd dubbing

Shin Eun-soo

Actress Shin Eun-soo announced the appearance of the voice of the animation “Super Kid Haley.”

The animation “Super Kid Haley” is a new superhero project by game girl Haley, who tries to become a new “Super Ryan” after her father. The production team of Minions and Coco participated, and as soon as it was released overseas, it broke amazing records such as the 73rd Berlin Film Festival’s official invitation and box office TOP10 for seven consecutive weeks, quickly establishing itself as a well-made animation that was recognized for both box office and criticism.

Shin Eun-soo will dub Haley, the main character of “Super Kid Haley.” Haley is a confident figure to prove that she is a true “super lion,” beating her cousin Adrian, who is coveting the super lion position.

Fans are delighted by the news of the dubbing, as Shin Eun-soo has been praised for dubbing the animation “Downpour,” which was released in 2017.

Meanwhile, “Super Kid Haley” will be released on July 20

Shin Eun-soo will become Super Kid Haley Participate

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