Shinhwa Kim Dongwan and Shin Hye-sung mentioned, “I think I’ll live the longest among the members.”

Kim Dongwan

Group Shinhwa members Jeon Jin, Kim Dong-wan, and Lee Min-woo showed off their pleasant talk.

On the 6th, MBC’s “Song of Hope at Noon” featured groups Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, Kim Dong-wan, and Lee Min-woo (WDJ). Special DJ Nabi appeared.

Special DJ Nami was amazed, saying, “It’s my first unit activity in 24 years since my debut.” Then Kim Dong-wan replied, “I didn’t have time to do unit activities and there was no reason to do it.”

When asked, “How did the other members react to the unit activities?” Kim Dong-wan said, “They cheered a lot.In particular, leader Eric once asked for MR because he liked the song so much,” he said, giving a laugh.

Kim Dongwan then said, “Choi Young-joon, who appeared in “Smanpa,” did the choreography. “I worked with Shinhwa for a long time,” he said. In response, Min-woo joked, “The choreography was too easy.”

Then Jin replied, “Are you ignoring us?” and gave a laugh. In response, Kim Dong-wan honestly confessed, “In fact, Min-woo and Jun-jin are good at dancing, but it was a little hard for me.”

They also released an episode when they lived together in a dorm. Jun Jin said, “The members all turned around and emptied their underwear, but Kim Dong-wan is the only one who wears his own.”

Kim Dongwan then said, “I wrote my name on my underwear in Chinese characters because of the members,” which made me laugh

DJ Butterfly asked Jun Jin, “Did you grow up after you got married?” In response, Kim Dong-wan said, “I’m crying because I think I lost my progress because I’m so mature.”

Jun Jin said, “As I am over 40, I think I have changed naturally. I hope our members will change, too,” he said, giving a smile.

Butterfly also asked Kim Dongwan, “Who do you think will live the longest among the members?” In response, Kim Dong-wan chose Shin Hye-sung without hesitation. “I hope (Shin Hye-sung) will live a long life,” he said. He replied, “I usually eat long-lived food well.”

Shinhwa Kim Dongwan and Shin Hye-sung mentioned

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