Side effect after correction of protruding mouth (long philtrum)


If you do a protruding mouth correction, the I.C.A. head and the root of your teeth will go back The shape of your mouth goes back a little, but when you do this, the nursing patients ask you, “Your race has gotten longer.” I’m going to tell you exactly about this, but as you know, adults who have braces for protruding lips are not better at Mokpo or race because they’ve already grown up

However, by correcting the protruding mouth, the gum bone goes back to hit the lower part of the body, so there is no part that supports the certification There’s a space underneath the certification, so the certification explodes like this way So when you look at it from the outside, you can see that person’s authentication is exploding and the authentication got longer. Sometimes, I do it for a long time, but I don’t really use the authentication device. You can know that I found the angle below Did you know why the philtrum is drooping

Then, I’ll explain how to solve this problem. First, the angle of the teeth comes out a little bit, so the mother-in-law can slightly raise the race and make it look shorter. Second, if you don’t like the angle, go to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist and do a philtrum reduction or a laser bark, it gets shorter

If you have additional soft tissue plastic surgery like this, I think this discomfort and difficulties can be solved The philtrum actually got longer Prayer needs to be clear that the philtrum changes due to the angle of the philtrum and sagging of the philtrum. For those who have these problems, there are many solutions, so I hope you solve these problems through additional treatments or procedures

Side effect after correction of protruding mouth

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