Singer Kang Seung-won released the 9th song of his 2nd album project, “I’m happy to complete the duet song.”

Singer Kang Seung-won

Singer Kang Seung-won expressed his feelings ahead of the 9th release of his second project album.

The ninth song of Kang Seung-won’s second album project, “Nothing,” which will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 4th, is a ballad track that captures the meaningless disappointment of each day with Kang Seung-won and female jazz vocalist Renee.

The song was written and composed by Kang Seung-won himself, further highlighting the deep meaning of the song, and the two indifferently emotional vocals and world-class jazz pianist Cho Yoon-sung’s piano performance and string music create a standard jazz atmosphere and comfort to listeners.

Renee, a female vocalist who joined singer Kang Seung-won’s second album project as the ninth singer, joined Kang Seung-won’s first and second album chorus as Kim Eun-hye, an early member of the female vocal group Barberlets, who gained huge popularity at home and abroad with retro music, sharp chords and unique wit.

Ahead of the release, Kang Seung-won said, “While recording the demo of this song, I was able to feel the outstanding ability and emotion of the song to the point where I heard Renee’s voice and wondered if there was a more suitable voice.” “I’m happy to complete the duet song together with a beautiful voice,” he said.

Singer Kang Seung-won released the 9th song of his 2nd album

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