Singer Soyou and Imoojin → Bibi, wearing Hanbok and New Year’s greetings, “Work less and earn a lot.”

Singers Soyu, Ren, Huh Gak, Imujin, Bio, Group VIVIZ and Mighty Mouse shared their New Year’s blessings with beautiful hanbok.

Singer Soyou

Big Planet Made Entertainment released a video of its singers Soyu, Ren, Huh Gak, Mighty Mouse (Chuplex, Shorry J), Imoojin, Bio, and VIVIZ (Eunha, SinB, and Umji) on its official YouTube channel at 10 a.m. on the 21st.

First of all, Ren sang the song ‘The magpie Lunar New Year is,’ and said, “The new year has dawned in 2023. I’m also looking forward to this year and I’m happy. “I will pray for our miracles (fandom names) to be full of happy, good, and wonderful things,” he said, expressing his love for fans.

Singer Soyou wore a fine sky blue hanbok and said, “I hope you have a happy time with your family and eat a lot of delicious things. “Always fighting,” he said. Another solo artist Huh Gak also said, “I hope our family is full of happiness and peace, and I will sincerely cheer for you while singing good songs.”

Mighty Mouse said, “You’ve worked hard last year. “I hope you achieve everything you want and plan in the new year and have a lot of things to smile about,” he said, drawing warmth by giving a big bow.

Lee Moo-jin said, “I sincerely hope you will get good energy in the year of Gyemyo, work less, earn a lot of money, and have a healthy and happy year. Eating well and sleeping well seems to be the standard of happiness. “I hope you enjoy a lot of natural things and be happy with what you are living now,” he said. Pio also gave a special tip, saying, “I hope you have a good time with your family and pay attention to safety when you move.”

Finally, VIVIZ, dressed in a colorful cozy hanbok, promised, “Let’s have a happy year with VIVIZ in 2023,” along with the song “Magpie Lunar New Year is.”

Artists from Big Planet Made Entertainment, which encompasses various genres of music, will continue their active activities in 2023 to provide a variety of fun.

VIVIZ, who will be the first runner, will release its third mini-album “VarioUS” (Verius) through various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 31st and make a comeback with the title song “PULL UP.”

Singer Soyou and Imoojin → Bibi, wearing Hanbok and..

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