“Slam Dunk” hit 2 million… No. 1 in the box office for 5 consecutive days.

The animated film “The First Slam Dunk,” which captivated Korean theaters by maintaining its top spot at the box office for five consecutive days, surpassed 2 million viewers on February 1st (Wed), the 29th day of its release.

Slam Dunk

The movie “The First Slam Dunk,” which depicts the dreams, passion, and endless challenges of the five basketball players at Buksan High School who dream of dominating the country, surpassed 2 million viewers as of 7 a.m. on February 1 (Mon). “Slam Dunk” is a legendary sports cartoon that was loved worldwide for its serialization in “Weekly Boys Jump” (Shueisha) from 1990 to 1996. In Korea, “Slam Dunk,” which drew attention to the extent that it caused a “basketball boom” in the 1990s, was created as a new theater version in 26 years, with original author Takehiko Inoue himself writing and directing it.

The “Slam Dunk Boom,” which began with male audiences in their 30s and 40s who kept memories in the 1990s, is drawing keen attention by leading the 10s and 20s generations with word-of-mouth fever. In particular, CGV’s age-specific reservation distribution is 18.7% in their 20s, 38.6% in their 30s, and 31.8% in their 40s, and the gender distribution is also noticeably increasing with 47.5% for women and 52.5% for men.

The popularity of the Korean dubbing version also boosted the number of viewers by 2 million. The N-th viewing craze of “SlamDunk” is spreading, with 53.1% of subtitles and 46.9% of dubbing audiences due to high satisfaction with dubbing. “The First SlamDunk” will be held as a special event for audiences to celebrate 2 million viewers.

“Slam Dunk” hit 2 million… No. 1 in the box office for 5 consecutive

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