Solar of MAMAMOO shows off her body shape.

Solar of MAMAMOO gave off a healthy sexy look.

On the 21st, She posted several photos on her Instagram with the words “soon♥.”

In the picture, She is sitting on the side of an outdoor audience and posing chicly.

Having recently completed his solid body after losing 5.1kg of body fat, he showed off his body shape by wearing a dizzying tube top showing his collarbone and abs.

The perfect body line and the cool appearance of She, who can’t find flab, cause heart attack.

Fans “Now, play and exercise.” “is so pretty.” “sexy.” “totally gorgeous.”, impressed in the comments.파워볼사이트

Meanwhile, Mamamoo, a group that Solar belongs to, will hold its first online concert “WAW” on the 28th.

Solar of MAMAMOO shows off her body shape.

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