Son Heungmin infinite trust “You have to go in the direction of the coach…I don’t have a choice

Son Heungmin

Despite the disappointing results, Son Heung-min trusted Antonio Conte’s direction.

Football London reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time) that Son Heung-min has not lost his trust in Antonio Conte despite Tottenham Hotspur’s ups and downs.

Tottenham drew without scoring in the third Group D match of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League against Einlacht Frankfurt on the 5th.

Not only in Korea but also in the region, they are questioning Conte’s way of managing the game, including last weekend’s defeat of the North London Derby and the draw on the same day. Nevertheless, Son said, “We have to follow Conte’s method for success.”

Son Heungmin said through the media, “It is important to listen to him. “We checked what no one believed in last season and now we can be here,” he said. “Coach Conte always wants more and as a player, I want to follow his path.” I know we’ll suffer if we don’t follow him. We have to follow him and we have no choice. He’s a winner and I think it’s our job to sacrifice and do something difficult.”

Regarding Conte’s feelings, Son Heung-min said, “We are people and we are all emotional. Sometimes everyone can be happy, angry, or frustrated after the game, he said. “The coach is more passionate.” When we win, he is happy like the happiest man in the world. “If his performance is not good, he is not happy and wants to improve by blaming himself,” he said.

Tottenham still perform well at home, but they are especially weak in away games. In the last four away games, he has no open-play goals. The last North London derby score is also a penalty kick.

Son Heungmin said, “I can’t explain this feeling. Frankly, we should have scored at least two or three goals against Frankfurt. I and Kane had a great opportunity. “I know we only need half the opportunities, but it’s frustrating not to go in and it’s continuing in away games.”

“We didn’t want it, but the Champions League is always difficult and not easy to score. We are human beings and there is still room for improvement. It’s frustrating right now, but we have to move on for the better.”

Personally, he said, “I just play for the team. I’m always trying to improve personally. I’ve never been satisfied with my performance. I always look back at my games and check what I can do and what I can improve,” he said.

“This season still remains long. I’m really trying to help the team. This is not a big issue. We sometimes play difficult games or amazing games. “Even with these difficult games, we have to move on,” he said. 안전놀이터

Finally, Son said, “We should not be swayed by outside voices.” “It’s a story outside the squad and it’s something we can’t control. As a team, we have to stick together. Criticism is due to high expectations for us. We need to think positively and know we can do better. There are still a lot of games left and I believe we can do it.”

Son Heungmin infinite trust “You have to go in the direction…

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