Son Heungmin, surgery within 48 hours…a report by a reporter dedicated to Tottenham

Son Heungmin

It is known that Son Heungmin will start surgery within 48 hours.

Tottenham Hotspur said on the club’s website on the 3rd, “Son Heung-min will undergo surgery. I will perform surgery to stabilize the fracture around my left eye. Son will start rehabilitation after surgery and will provide additional news in due course,” he officially announced.

Son Heungmin was injured in the sixth Group D match of the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Marseille on the 2nd. Son Heung-min collided with Chansel Mbemba in the 23rd minute of the first half. In the process of Son Heung-min trying to header, Mbemba’s shoulder and face collided strongly. Son Heung-min, who collapsed in the stadium, complained of extreme pain. Son Heung-min was immediately replaced by Yves Bisuma after receiving treatment for five minutes.

Son Heungmin’s eyes looked severely swollen on the screen. Even in the process of returning to the locker room, it seemed difficult to even walk properly. He looked shocked all over his face. Son Heung-min shared his joy with his teammates after the game, but his face looked swollen overall.

As a result of the confirmation, the injury was more serious than expected, and Son Heung-min decided to proceed with the surgery. As a result, the South Korean national soccer team ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup is also on alert. The Korea Football Association (KFA) said on its official channel on the 3rd, “Son Heung-min is scheduled to undergo surgery this week due to a fracture around his left eye after checking with his club.” The possibility of participating in the World Cup will be determined after watching the surgery. “We are continuing to cooperate with Tottenham Hotspur’s medical team regarding injuries,” he officially announced.

In order for Son Heungmin to recover quickly, surgery must be carried out first, which depends on how quickly the swelling goes down. Fortunately, the swelling seems to be going down quickly.

Reporter Dan Kilpatrick, who works exclusively for Tottenham in the UK’s Evening Standard, said, “Son Heung-min will undergo surgery within 48 hours after the swelling around his eyes subsides. Son Heung-min’s dream of a World Cup depends on his recovery. “The possibility of Son Heung-min playing at the 2022 Qatar World Cup depends on the success of the surgery and how quickly he plays comfortably with a protective mask,” he reported.

Son Heungmin, surgery within 48 hours…a report by a reporter…

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