Son, Salah, British media, and EPL World Class Winger are selected.


Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) was selected as a world-class winger who plays in the English Premier League (EPL) stage alongside Mohamed Salah (Liverpool).

British media Give Me Sports said on the 8th (local time), “We classified wingers playing on the EPL stage by each category,” and introduced them by various criteria such as disappointing players, overvalued players, undervalued players, players who need time, and world-class players.

Son Heung-min and Salah were mentioned side by side as world-class winger with the best performance. The media said, “There may be differences in other categories, but don’t you have no choice but to agree that Salah and Son Heung-min are world-class wingers?” adding, “Salah and Son Heung-min played a prominent role last season.” He raised expectations by contributing to a total of 27 goals, and expected to challenge the Golden Boots (scoring king) again this season.

No wonder Son Heung-min played the most impressive role in his career last season. Legendary Cha Bum-keun tied for the record of the most goals (17 goals) in a single season in the European league, and finished the season tied for fourth in scoring and fourth in assists with 17 goals and 10 assists in the EPL.

It’s a huge personal record. Players who have surpassed 10 goals and 10 assists are also considered one of the top five big leagues in Europe. Although the team’s performance was disappointing, Son Heung-min showed a good performance even if he was considered the team of the year in terms of personal records alone. Salah also unfortunately missed the lead in scoring by one goal last season, but she boasted tremendous scoring skills with 22 goals and five assists.안전놀이터

The two players have continued to score well even after the opening of this season. Son Heung-min has been leading Tottenham’s upward trend by scoring two goals in three league matches, while Liverpool’s key striker Salah has also made a smooth start with two goals and two assists in three matches since the opening.

Son, Salah, British media, and EPL World Class Winger are selected.

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