Song Joong-ki, ♥ Katie? A giant diamond ring on your finger.

Is it a proposal diamond?

Song Joong-ki

Actor Song Joong-ki is reportedly dating a non-celebrity woman from the UK who he met last year through the introduction of an acquaintance, according to an exclusive report in this newspaper on the 25th. Song Joong-ki is such a top star, and as JTBC’s Friday-Saturday Japanese drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate House” has recently been enjoying a syndrome-like popularity with a viewer rating of more than 20%, the aftermath of public romance was strong. Various speculations and rumors have been raised about their girlfriend’s personal information, dating, marriage, and pregnancy.
Perhaps the most curious thing was the girlfriend’s identity (?). Netizens speculated that Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend was Katie Louise Sounders. Born in 1984, Katie Louise Sounders was born to a British father and a Colombian mother, and made her debut in 2002 with the film “The Journey of Love” and retired after “CCTV: Secret Eyes” in 2019. Netizens claimed that Song Joong-ki won the grand prize at the “APAN STAR AWARDS” held in September and mentioned him, saying, “My beloved KT,” and even called his pet dogs. It is also speculated that Song Joong-ki learned Italian from Katie to appear in the tvN drama “Vincenzo.”
Song Joong-ki is coolly revealing his love affair, putting weight on rumors of marriage and pregnancy. Song Joong-ki is continuing his serious meeting by accompanying his girlfriend to the “youngest son of a chaebol family” conference in Singapore on the 7th and openly introducing her as a girlfriend to the staff, while attending his girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding in Bali, Indonesia. In particular, when he returned home after finishing his schedule, he showed up side by side without hiding his girlfriend, and at this time, his girlfriend was wearing a large diamond ring, raising speculation that he was a proposal ring.

However, the agency drew a line saying, “There is no plan to respond to rumors of remarriage and pregnancy.”

Song Joong-ki, ♥ Katie? A giant diamond ring on your finger…

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