Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend actor Katie Lewis Sounders agency cannot be confirmed

Song Joong-ki

Amid the news that actor Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend is a British film actor, the agency maintained its position that it was “unconfirmed.”

On the 26th, online communities and others claimed that Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend was British actor Katie Louise Sounders. The reason is that Song Joong-ki mentioned his girlfriend’s name when he announced his acceptance speech at the “APAN STAR AWARDS” on September 29.

At the time, Song Joong-ki mentioned his family during his acceptance speech and mentioned several names, saying, “My beloved Katie, our Nala, Maya, and Antese.” However, according to Katie Louise Sounders’ Facebook page, Ants and Maya are the names of his dogs.

Katie Louise Sounders is an actress who worked in London in 1984. He starred in the 2003 film “Lizzy Maguire,” 2006 “Borgia: The Most Corrupted Pope in History,” and 2013 “Third Person.”

In response, Song Joong-ki’s agency, Hi Ji-eum Studio, took a cautious stance in a TV report, saying, “We can’t confirm anything other than the fact of dating.”

Earlier in the day, Song Joong-ki admitted to dating. Sports Chosun reported that the woman was from England, and that the two had been dating for more than a year

Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend actor Katie Lewis Sounders agency

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