Sonny’s chance, Klusevsky turning point, “It was crucial.”


Dejan Klusevsky (22) indirectly thanked Son Heung-min (29).

Klusevsky is a Swedish wing forward born in 2000. In January, he joined Tottenham Hotspur at Juventus FC on a loan including a full recruitment option. Since then, he has performed phenomenally, making his team fourth place. This allowed Tottenham to play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

Since entering Tottenham, Klusevsky has played in 20 games in all competitions and has been involved in 13 points with 5 goals and 8 assists. He talked about the turning point that allowed him to play for Tottenham after suffering from Juventus.

According to Tottenham’s official website on the 16th, Klusevsky said, “I think the first goal against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium was very important. That goal helped me a lot. Thanks to the goal, I was able to get out of the pressure in my head and play more freely. I’m playing without any stress right now,” he said.

In the match against Manchester City in February, Son Heung-min had a one-on-one chance with goalkeeper Ederson Morais, but instead of shooting, he thought of his teammate and gave up a pass. Klusevsky connected it with a shot and split the net. This not only boosted Klusevsky’s confidence but also changed Tottenham’s season.

Klusevsky said, “Time flies so fast, and I’ve been in the club for about four to five months. But it was really fun and a happy time. I’m happy with the way I’ve played for Tottenham so far, but I think it’s just the beginning.”

Sonny’s chance, Klusevsky turning point, “It was crucial.”

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