Sora Aoi 蒼井そら

Sora Aoi

Date of birth: 1983-11–11 (39 years old)
Height: 155 cm
Body Size: B87 / W58 / H83
Cup size: F cup
Debut: July 02

A legend that needs no explanation. I don’t know AV, but I know someone named Aoi Sora.

The legend of legend, which made its debut in 2002 in AV and enjoyed an era.

There is no need for a long explanation. If you’re a Korean man, there are almost no men in Asia who don’t know him.

Just because he likes blue and sky, his stage name has become Aoi Sora.

He gained popularity as an exclusive actor for S1 with his cute face and ample heart.

A member of the Prime Agency. The first generation of Ebis Mascats gained popularity.

I tried to enter Korea, but I failed miserably and hit the jackpot in China.

Until now, he has been active in China. 토토사이트

I got married in 2018 and had a baby in 2019 and am living happily ever after.

Sora Aoi 蒼井そら A legend that needs no explanation.

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