Soyeon announces marriage registration with national team member Cho Yoo-min…


So-yeon (real name Park So-yeon, 35), a former member of girl group T-ara, announced her marriage registration with Cho Yoo-min (26), a national soccer player.

Soyeon said on the 14th, “I became an 11.1 couple, and I achieved my goal of the 11.12 World Cup,” and released a photo taken with Cho Yu-min wearing a wedding ring.

So-yeon said, “Now, my husband, Yoo-min, who is not a prospective groom, talked to me. “Do you remember our promise two years ago?” “I kept all my promises.” “I want to marry me.” I think I wanted to stay with my boyfriend more wisely and wisely. So I talked about it. “Yumin will work hard to become a member of the national team and let’s get married when we go to the World Cup,” he said.

He said, “I thought we had a goal together and ran hard together, but in two years, Yoomin kept all of those promises. “I sincerely thank you and thank you to Yoomin,” said Soyeon.

“On the day we officially became a couple, everyone had a heartbreaking incident just a few days ago,” So-yeon said, referring to the Itaewon disaster, “I couldn’t tell the fans right away because I wanted to share my condolences with my heart.” I wanted to tell you in person, but this time, the news came first in the article. Still, I sincerely thank many people who congratulated me with articles and messages and contacted me.”

So-yeon then said, “As we have done so far, we will continue to look at the same place together and live happily and happily as we are, pretty and healthy.” I won’t forget your support. Thank you.”

Finally, So-yeon said, “The ceremony you were curious about, we postponed it to focus more on the World Cup as reported!” and added, “It is that much a desperate and precious opportunity for us.” Please give a lot of support to Cho Yoo-min and the Korean national soccer team I cheered by saying, “Fighting, Korea.”

So-yeon and Cho Yu-min announced their marriage in January this year. Cho Yoo-min was later scheduled to get married in November after the season, but Cho Yoo-min was selected as the finalist of the 2022 Qatar World Cup soccer team and postponed the ceremony after the World Cup. However, the two have been living together and newlyweds since the announcement of their marriage, and they registered their marriage this time.

Soyeon announces marriage registration with national team member…

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