Soyou showed off her extraordinary volume…The best fashion on the field


Singer Soyou, a former member of the group Sistar, showed off her unconventional fashion at the golf course.

Soyu posted several photos on her social media on the 11th with a short message “us.”

In the released photo, Soyou is playing golf wearing ultra-mini golf wear.

Wearing a white bra top and a short miniskirt, Soyou showed off her unique legs.

In particular, his healthy legs, abs, and glamorous body drew admiration.

In another photo, Soyu showed a full swing full of strength.

Even her hitting form is unusual. Singer Jung Yong-hwa said, “Are you going to participate in a long-hitting competition?” due to her extraordinary golf skills.

Meanwhile, Soyu recently held her first solo concert and had a good time communicating with fans after a long time.

Soyou showed off her extraordinary volume…

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