SSG Landers exclusively sells ‘Champion Plate’ on the 18th

SSG Landers

Clip Collective announced on the 18th that it will release a digital collectable “Champion Plates” that provides a web 3.0 experience in cooperation with professional baseball club SSG Landers.

Champion Plate is a digital collection made by individuals using blockchain technology. The champion plate includes benefits such as a replica of the Korean Series championship ring and a uniform to commemorate the combined winning rate (0.630) of this year’s regular league and Korean Series results.

SSG Landers said, “We chose Clip Collective with expertise in Web 3.0 as a partner to give fans a unique experience that can interact in the digital field beyond offline. We wanted to build a system that can differentiate Landers fans in the future by utilizing NFT, which has the advantage of proving ownership based on the blockchain.”

Clip Collective said, “We will support Web 3.0 technology for ‘digital conversion of fandom’ such as original digital collectibles for SSG Landers fans, artist collaboration, and exclusive event invitation.”

The SSG club will sell a total of four types of digital collectibles exclusively at SSG Dotcom at 12 p.m. on the 18th.

Meanwhile, this champion plate is the first collection of “FAN NFT,” which was released by Clip Collective under the slogan of “ANEW ERA IN FANDOM,” and will be issued through the UNLOCK application.

SSG Landers exclusively sells ‘Champion Plate’ on the 18th

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