Stephen Curry best player in history, top five, when he wins the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry

There are many reasons why the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics are attracting attention.

Among them, if Golden State wins the championship, Stephen Curry evaluation is noteworthy.

CBS Sports of the U.S. will have its fourth winning ring if Golden State wins on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time). “I can’t chase LeBron James, but I can join the ranks of all-time players.”

CBS Sports said, “We can be on the top list of all-time players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Wilt Chamberlain.”

He is the best three-pointer of all time. He scored the most three-pointers ever. He is one of 11 players in history, with more than 50 percent of two-pointers, 40 percent of three-pointers and 90 percent of free throws at the same time.

The team’s performance is also good. He has placed the team in the NBA Finals six times in eight seasons. Neither did Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan.

CBS Sports said, ‘Stephan Curry is not a natural monster. However, the ability to create strong teamwork with team members and attract defense due to their strong three-point shooting ability is strong.’ 토토추천

He also said, “If Golden State wins, it will be the fifth great player to succeed Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Karim Abdul-Java, and Shaquille O’Neill.”

Stephen Curry best player in history, top five

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