Stephen Curry Reflects After Shocking Defeat

Stephen Curry

Golden State suffered a shocking defeat.

The Golden State Warriors lost 95-134 in Game 5 of the second round against the Memphis Grizzlies of the 2022 NBA playoffs at the FedEx Forum in Memphis on the 12th.

Golden State won a thrilling come-from-behind victory in Game 4 at home, making it three wins and one loss in the series.

If he wins by this day, he could have been the first team to reach the conference final.

However, Memphis filled the gap without Zamorant in Game 5, and Golden State players remained lethargic.

Golden State, which was once dragged around by 55 points, was completely defeated and left the FedEx Forum.

It was a game in which many things were not done properly, which was hard to say that anything was a decisive factor for Golden State’s defeat.

In addition to committing 22 turnovers, he was far behind 4-18 in the offensive rebound fight. It was also painful to be hit by 18 three-point shots with a 43.9% chance of being hit by the opponent.

Ace Stephen Curry (14 points) also failed to use much power. Curry scored three-point shots in a row in the first quarter, but later made no turnaround.

There is too much difference for one player to change the atmosphere.

Asked to point out the most disappointing point after the game, Curry said, “Everything is wrong. “Nothing has been done properly, including turnovers, attack rebounds, and fouls,” he said.

As for Memphis’ potential, he said, “Memphis is a really good team, so we have to know that it’s really hard for us to finish this series. We learned that lesson again tonight,” he praised.

Golden State, which suffered a shocking defeat in Game 5, will play Game 6 at home on the 14th. 안전공원

It is a golden state that has to do its best to end the series at home, as the series could be greatly shaken if it is given to Game 6.

Will Golden State, which had its worst day, show a different side in Game 6?

Stephen Curry Reflects After Shocking Defeat

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