Stray Kids “SKZ-REPLAY”, Spotify Top Album Debut Top…”2022 Popularity, Perfect Finale.”

Stray Kids

Stray Kids achieved a popular global finale in 2022 with “SKZ-REPLAY” filled with their own songs.

JYP Entertainment said on the 30th that Stray Kids’ new digital album “SKZ-REPLAY” topped the Spotify latest chart (December 23-25), including “Top Album Debut USA” and “Top Album Debut Global.”

This record is the first result in four days since its announcement on the 21st, and it is meaningful as a bar to decorate the year-end career high with “ODDINARY” (audience) announced in March this year.

The background of this record is the title song “FAM (Korean Ver.)”, written and composed by the team’s production group 3RACHA, and eight solo new tracks that all members participated in the song, as well as their own contents “SKZ-RECORD” and “SKZ-PLAYER”. Among the songs in the album, “Deep End (Felix)” (Deep End), “Get Off (Seungmin),” “DOODLE (Changbin)” (Doodle), and “ice.cream (Hyunjin)” (Ice).Cream), “Love Untold” (Love Untold), “Tonight I Turn On the Light (Bangchan, Changbin, Felix, Seungmin), and “Lowly (Rino)” can be attributed to the global buzz along with the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered By Twitter.

This is the basis for solidifying Stray Kids’ presence as a global million-seller and “Maramat music master,” along with the achievements of China’s QQ Music’s “2022 Top 10 K-pop Album Chart” chart-in (ODDINARY) and Middle East platform Angami’s “Top K-pop Artist 2022.”

Stray Kids will continue their second world tour, MANIAC, from February 2 to 3, Singapore, Australia, Melbourne from February 5 to 17, Sydney from March 21 to 22, Manila from March 11 to 12, Atlanta from March 22 to 27, and Fort Worth from February 11 to 12.

Stray Kids “SKZ-REPLAY”, Spotify Top Album Debut To..

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