Suzuka Morikawa 森川涼花

Suzuka Morikawa

Ami, another name : # cheucheumi.
Date of Birth : 1992 – 03 18 (30).
Height : 145 cm
Body size : 78 and 56 and 85 h w b.
Cup size : d.
Debut : his debut Saturday, July 14.

An actor, such as innocent appearance, mesmerized all sorts who would sway the minds of men first love

Purity of the key little of the 145 cm rorigye long, but is part of his career as an actor.

Still have a large group of fans to her we think of a memory.

Suddenly, ‘Ami, cheucheumi’ in 2018 but excited the fans to return to the name again.

For a while, just a reunion for the meeting did not translate.

Suzuka Morikawa hobby is Cafe tour.

she is good at the trumpet.

Suzuka Morikawa 森川涼花 An actor, such as innocent appearance

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