Taeyeon wears a nude slip and gives off sensuality.


Tae yeon showed off her luxurious sensual beauty as a beauty brand model.

On the official Instagram of Elle Korea, an ad video of Seol Hwa-soo’s campaign ambassador,

Tae yeon, stole attention. In the video clip,

Tae yeon emphasized beautiful skin by wearing a nude-toned slip dress and slightly revealing a tattoo on her shoulder.

Elle said, “We’re going to release a behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial with luxury No.1 anti-aging brand Sul Hwa-soo.

“My first Sulwhasoo” pictorial, which conveys Taeyeon’s pleasant energy,

can be found in the September issue of Elle,

and please look forward to various contents that will be released soon on the Elle YouTube channel,” she said.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Taeyeon was selected as the Ambassador of Sulwhasoo’s “New Acronym Cream” campaign and finished filming the commercial.

Taeyeon wears a nude slip and gives off sensuality.

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