Takuya Kimura, at the news of Japan’s defeat in soccer…The fist picture that I posted on SNS

Takuya Kimura

Japanese singer and actress Takuya Kimura (50) released a photo of her feelings right after the World Cup match.

Japan lost 0-1 to Costa Rica in the second Group E match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup on the 27th. Japan fired 13 shots, but all of them failed to lead to goals due to Costa Rica’s strong defense. Costa Rica, on the other hand, scored a shot.

Japan was likely to advance to the round of 16 with a 2-1 victory over Germany in the first leg, while Costa Rica was losing to Spain 0-7 and its morale was down. However, Japan eventually collapsed when it lost to Costa Rica.

Immediately after the game, Takuya Kimura said on his Instagram, “Good job. The power of a team with nowhere to go. The photo was released with the article, “The tenacity for victory is great.”

The photo shows him hitting the sofa with his fist clenched. Takuya Kimura said, “Good luck,” with a photo of his fingers wishing good luck just before the game. He wished the Japanese soccer players good luck, saying, “I have no regrets,” but he seems to have expressed regret when he lost the game. 사설토토

Japan, which has become uncertain about advancing to the round of 16 with one win and one loss (3 points), will face Spain in the third Group E match on December 2.

Takuya Kimura, at the news of Japan’s defeat in soccer…

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