Taliban shot a woman for not covering her face with burqa.

The Taliban, an Islamic militant group that controlled Afghanistan, reportedly shot and killed a woman for not wearing burqa.

Fox News reported on the 18th that a woman was shot to death in Tahar, Afghanistan, on the 17th.

A picture of a woman in a navy dress lying on a bloody floor on the streets of Tahar has been released online, according to Fox News, and her parents hugging the woman.

The woman was reportedly shot to death by a Taliban member on the street without wearing a burqa.

This shows that the Taliban’s promise of moderate rule over women and citizens is not being kept locally.
Fox News said many Afghans are skeptical of the moderate Taliban rule.

Earlier in the day, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid held a press conference in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, saying, “We will respect women’s human rights as much as possible as possible as Islamic law guarantees.”

But a photo of a woman shot for her outfit was posted less than a day after the spokesman announced it.

Social media also showed armed Taliban members walking around in a truck in Kabul.

The area is known to be home to Afghan officials.

The Taliban announced that there would be no retaliation against those who helped the United States, but this is also the opposite.

In an interview with Fox News, an Afghan citizen said, “The soldiers traveled around the neighborhood looking for people who helped the U.S. and asked around if they had ever helped the U.S. military.”

Taliban shot a woman for not covering her face with burqa.

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