Tao, a former SM trainee and 3rd romance rumor…”Say hi to your parents”


Singer Hwang Tsutao, a former member of the group EXO, was embroiled in a third romance rumor.

Local media, including Sina News, reported on the 1st that Hwang Zi-tao met his mother with Xu Yi. Along with this, the video released showed Hwang Tzu-tao and Xu Yi-yang having a friendly time while feeding each other at a meal. In addition, the two were also seen moving furniture home together, raising rumors of marriage beyond dating.

This is already the third time that Hwang Zi-tao and Xu Yi-yang are dating.

The two were embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship after allegations that they enjoyed a beach date in February. At the time, Huang Tzu-tao said, “All of our artists are family,” but it was reported that he stayed together at the filming site in Hangzhou in April, raising rumors of a second romance.

Huang Zi Tao made his debut as EXO Tao, but in April 2015, his father demanded his withdrawal and was in conflict with SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM). He filed an exclusive contract lawsuit against SM and completely withdrew from EXO and developed his activities in China under the real name of Huang Zi Tao, even though he was finally ruled to lose by the Supreme Court in 2018. Since then, he has been criticized for saying that he wants to marry IU following the controversy over the lyrics of his solo album, the controversy over being late for the interview, and the attitude of the Versace fashion show. In addition to Xu Yi-yang, he also sprayed a lot of salt from the general public to celebrities.

Xu Yiyang quit SM in 2016 after working as a member of SM Rookies and participated in the Chinese audition program “Hail Chamjeon” and debuted as a member of C-pop girl group “Legal High.” Since then, he has appeared in “Creative Type 2020” and gained popularity as a “Proud Cha Do-nyeo,” but his debut failed at the final eighth place, and he signed an exclusive contract with Tao Entertainment, which was established by Hwang Tzu-tao.

Tao, a former SM trainee and 3rd romance rumor…

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